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2015.12.10 13:19


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Qingdao Daewon International School Held a Parents Day on November 5, 2015.

The Qingdao Daewon International School held a parents visitation day on Thursday, November 5, welcoming over 40 parents into the school to let the parents to experience what a school day is like for the students and to encourage parental involvement.

The day began with an information session hosted by Vice President Insun Park. “It is a great pleasure to meet you all again after the opening ceremony of the school two months ago,” said Mr. Park. “The school’s program recently received the highest satisfaction level from the students currently attending in all different criteria from school curriculum to dorm life, and I’m very grateful for all the improvements the students and teachers have made together so far.” The information session included such topics as the school curriculum, residential experience, and student health and well-being.

The afternoon began with parents sitting down to a delicious lunch with their children in the school dining hall. An open classroom observation followed, and the parents had a chance to meet the teachers inside the class rooms while observing the students actively participating in the class.

The day also included a number of parent-teacher meetings offered to parents who were asking for one-on-one meetings with teachers. After the warm hearted yet sincere conversations were carried out, the day was finally over with all the parents satisfied with their visits.

The successful event designed by the Qingdao Daewon International School for the parents was a great opportunity for them to share a day with their children and to get to know detailed information about the school.

By Suejung Lee

MUN: Solving Global Crises from the Classroom


Many bright young students dream about one day working at the United Nations. It’s exciting to think about being in the thick of international affairs, brushing shoulders with leaders from around the world, getting involved in a way that could actually make a difference. Unfortunately, it’s a long road from high school to the United Nations. How can students properly prepare themselves for a goal that seems so distant? Well, they can join their school’s Model United Nations club – MUN.

The MUN club at QDIS consists of eleven students ranging from grades 8 to 10. Some of the students have a little bit of experience from their time at other schools; others are completely new to the whole process. The supervisors themselves – Ms. Lee (English) and Mr. Murray (Social Studies) are also getting involved in MUN for the first time. It’s not easy building an MUN club from total scratch, but both teachers and students have been eager to dive headfirst into the thick of things.


The first month or so was devoted to building up debate skills. Students started off with quick 1-minute debates, where they learned how to think up arguments under time pressure. Then they moved on to structured debates, where they learned the ins and outs of how to construct opening arguments and rebuttals. It was a challenge for students who had never engaged in formal debate before, but even the beginners quickly built up confidence as the weeks went on.


Just last week, the MUN club has finally started their first actual simulation of an actual UN conference. The conference is based on a hypothetical situation: How would the UN deal with a zombie epidemic? While the topic initially seems a bit silly, it has proven to be an excellent opportunity for students to familiarize themselves with UN procedures as well as get into the mindset of being a delegate for their respective countries. The club has started off with the countries representing the permanent members of the UN Security Council: China, Russia, the US, the UK, and France. The simulation is expected to take a few weeks, and by the end the students will have completed a formal resolution recommending solutions for this (imaginary) global crisis.


By next year, the MUN club at QDIS hopes to participate in some of the MUN conferences held across China. It won’t be easy, participating in the real thing for the first time, but the supervisors are confident that the QDIS MUN students will do their best to make their school proud.

 By Hazel Lee

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